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The Access Control System is the workhorse in the overall security plan. It allows access to the secure areas of the building only to authorized employees/residents who have electronic credentials.

Each credential is has a unique code embedded into it. When the button on the transmitter is pressed, the overhead door will open. If the transmitter is presented to a reader, the door beside it will open.

Access Control Systems get rid of the need for keys and allow greater control of who has access to what areas of the building depending on their security clearance, time of day, day of week etc.

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Access Control System Advantages

  1. Consider the current system where if someone loses a key, the entire building is vulnerable until ALL the locks are re-keyed and new keys issued to everyone at a considerable expense ($5000 to $7000)
  2. A prime target in multi-resident and commercial buildings is the parking area. The Access Control system protects the parkade not only at the man doors and overhead doors but also will not let unauthorized people go to the parkade via the elevator since the elevator can have a reader on it as well.
  3. Access Control Systems also store information on who has accessed what areas of the building and when they were accessed. This can be very valuable in the event of theft, vandalism or other criminal acts.

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