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Rely on a trusted solution to control lights, temperature, audio/video, teleconferencing, security cameras, and HVAC systems to make your business more effective. Control4® solutions easily integrates with your existing business’s infrastructure, whether it’s commercial or industrial, and enables communication between devices from virtually any manufacturer.

System automation can do the following:

  • Control a wall of TVs with a single remote or tablet
  • Control music in any audio zone, from anywhere
  • Turn off all the property lights with just one button
  • Text alerts for after hour entries
  • Presentation set-up and video conferencing, with one touch
  • Access and control security cameras from anywhere

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How It All Works Together

Control4® products can deliver a dramatic difference for your business. Better still, Control4® solutions seamlessly integrates with third-party systems and applications, including locks, IP cameras, video-conferencing systems, shades and more.

  • Controllers – Provide behind-the-scenes management of all intelligent devices in the room
  • Thermostats – Wireless Control4® thermostats make it effortless to control the building’s temperature based on business hours or outside climate
  • Touch Screens – Sleek in-wall or portable touch screens make it easy for your employees to control the system
  • System Remote Controls – With an OLED backlit display, the Control4® SR-250 remote gives employees wireless, walk-around-control of every TV
  • 2-, 3-, or 6-Button Keypads – Customize control features that offer one-touch convenience: “All Off,” “Lunch,” “Weekend,” or “Meeting Commence”
  • Dimmers & Switches – Reduce utility bills, extend bulb life, conserve resources, and provide the convenience of pre-set, one-touch lighting scenes
  • Motion & Contact Sensors – Automatically manage energy effectively and efficiently with more accurate occupancy control
  • Dock for iPod – Supports Apple® iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano for a personalized music experience

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