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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems for Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Video surveillance systems monitor activity in public areas, businesses or commercial buildings for real-time or forensic review. Video surveillance systems can also be used inside and outside schools and private residences as an extra measure of security.

The most recent transformation has been the introduction of High Definition or Megapixel surveillance cameras. Each camera captures the images digitally and sends these signals back to a computer/server which manages and stores the information using Video Management Software, sometimes referred to as Network Video Recorder (NVR). This type of surveillance system is often referred to as an IP (Internet Protocol)/ Network surveillance system because the cameras and computer/server are networked together like your home or office computer network and use Internet Protocols to communicate with each other. These cameras produce amazingly sharp images that can be enlarged after capture (post record zoom) to provide the viewer with the most information possible with which to identify individuals, objects or activities captured by the camera.

Analog Video Systems have recently experienced a revival with the introduction of higher resolution formats including HD (1080p) and 4K (sometime in the spring of 2017). The price of these analog systems is very competitive and the best part is that they can be used with the existing wiring infrastructure from older video surveillance systems.  The significant differences between the two types of surveillance technologies are cost, image quality and scalability. The IP/Network Megapixel cameras produce the highest quality video available, are the most flexible systems to work with but currently are more expensive to set up. The Analogue to DVR surveillance systems are less expensive, produce lower quality video and have limitations to their scalability. Each of these types of surveillance systems has a place in today’s market. The key is recognizing which one of these technologies and hardware best suits your needs.

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Monitored Video Surveillance Sytems

Alpha Integrated delivers video verified security monitoring of your site or facility providing real-time video analytics with live 24/7 operators responding in real-time to intrusion or other criminal activity. With video verification and live monitoring, emergency services are dispatched only on real events. This saves you money on false alarms. Our state-of-the-art ULC Central Station is based in British Columbia providing a local solution to your business.


Alpha Integrated staff have been trained and are certified in video surveillance system design by various manufacturers. It takes training and experience to recognize what type of equipment should be used and where it should be placed. Alpha Integrated employ recognized experts in this area and would be more than happy to design a surveillance system that meets both your needs and budget.

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