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Rough-in Wiring Services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Alpha Integrated can improve your home’s low voltage electrical wiring by consolidating the wiring and storage of your home’s telephone, television cable, and internet access into a structured, centralized distribution panel. Having everything in one accessible location eliminates the clutter of multiple cables and wires running throughout each room of your home.

Rough-in wiring of your home’s communication system allows it to be easily adjusted in case you decide to switch television, telephone, or internet service providers in the future. It should be treated as a long-term investment in your home, increasing the overall value.

Our rough-in wiring services include a complete suite of low voltage products that are ideal for both existing homes or new builds. Rough-in wiring for new builds is fairly simple. Retrofitting your current home can be far more complex which is why we recommend letting the professionals handle the task.

The professionals at Alpha Integrated can have your home’s communication system and wiring running flawlessly in no time. Call the experts at Alpha Integrated and let us ensure that the job gets completed right the first time.

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