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Medical Marijuana Companies Adopt Creative Marketing Strategies

July 29, 2014 | In The News

medical-marijuanaThe Globe and Mail published a piece chronicling the changing marketing strategies used by medical marijuana startup companies. While the companies, when licensed, will be able to sell marijuana directly to consumers, they are still not allowed to use traditional advertising. Because medical marijuana in Canada will be regarded as a controlled substance under the new MMPR standards, producers can only promote their product to doctors.

Tweed Marijuana, one of the new legal marijuana growers in Canada, went as far as taking the company public. A spot on the North American stock exchange gave Tweed significant visibility. The author notes, “It’s a telling example of just how fast the industry is moving. After all, the rules that went into effect on April 1 were only announced last June.”

Most of the 400 companies waiting to receive a Canada medical marijuana producer license will not initially go public. Instead, many of the potential licensed producers in BC are planning to organize debates and build their brands through open discussion.

MediJean, a bio-pharma medical marijuana company, has a BC medical marijuana grower’s license pending. The company is already targeting doctors to make them feel more comfortable with medical marijuana.

“With growing concern about the over-prescription of opiates, the timing might be right for medical marijuana to win over the medical community,” says Lea Prevel Katsanis, a marketing professor at Concordia University. “Patients and physicians are seeking better ways to manage pain.”

Though marketing plans are coming together and marijuana companies are building their brands, reaching out to physicians and conducting studies, it still all hinges on the ability to obtain a license to produce medical marijuana in Canada. To grow marijuana legally in BC, applicants should familiarize themselves with the MMPR regulations before submitting an application. The stringent requirements, call for everything from quality control to specific security measures.

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