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This division of the company is responsible for providing multi-residential sites with innovative ways to secure property using Access Control, Video Surveillance, Security Systems and Entry Phone Systems. While Alpha has been active in this market for the last twenty six years, we have become even more focused on multi-residential security with the acquisition of CASI Installations Ltd which was solely focused in this area for the last ten plus years.

  • Access control systems
  • Hi resolution IP network based video
  • High Definition Analog Video
  • Entry phone systems
  • Intrusion
  • Fire alarm monitoring

Benefits of our Strata Security Systems

One device does it all. The transmitter not only opens the overhead door but also has the proximity chip built into it for accessing the readers on the doors in the building.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced cost of repairs due to vandalism of building and personal property
  • Increased property value due to lower crime activity in the building
  • If a resident loses a transmitter, only that transmitter needs to be replaced instead of re-keying the entire building
  • Less likely to incur the expense of fraud due to lost mail
  • Alpha Integrated offers financing for Security packages at competitive rates

Security Benefits

  • Less likely to have a stranger lurking in the building
  • Harder for strangers to get into building. If they do, there is a video record of it
  • Less likely to have undesirables move into the building and cause problems
  • Easier to identify problem residents
  • Transmitters cannot be copied
  • Transmitters are required to enter the building after a residents car is parked in the parkade. Therefore overhead door transmitters cannot be left in the car

Strata & Multi-Residential Security Services

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