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Intrusion & Fire Systems

Intrusion Fire Systems

Intrusion & Fire Detection Systems for Strata & Multi-Residential

At Alpha Integrated, we offer high-end monitoring systems to prevent intrusions in multi-residential and strata operated buildings. Using only high-end equipment to monitor for intruders in your building, we are proud to offer quality products and monitoring services with stations manned around the clock.

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Intrusion Alarm Systems

In multi-residential and strata operated buildings there is often the need to secure common areas such as amenities rooms, laundry rooms, utilities rooms, underground parking areas, etc.  Alpha Integrated has many solutions for securing these areas including installing intrusion detection systems.

Alpha Integrated also offers security systems for individual suites that can push intrusion notifications to a monitoring station or concierge.  This can be in the form of an isolated security system or a security system that integrates to the building’s larger integrated security system including the Access Control, Video, and Entryphone systems.

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