Multi-Residential & Strata Property Security Systems

strata security system gate

Why Choose Alpha Integrated for Multi-Residential / Strata Security Systems?

Alpha Integrated Systems Ltd. has been protecting multi-residential buildings in the greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island for over 30 years.  Our experienced technicians excel at applying the latest technology available to give you an innovative and effective security solutions, even in hard to protect areas like the underground parking area.

Strata Security System Services Offered

  • Access control systems
  • High resolution IP network based video
  • High Definition Analog Video
  • Phone Entry Systems
  • Intrusion
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Environmental (Smoke, Heat, Water etc.)

Benefits of Our Multi-Residential Integrated Security Systems

One of the most critical components of any security installation is the support and service for the system once it is installed.  How often do you call a company for assistance, and you get an automated/on hold experience that takes forever?  What is your time worth?  At Alpha Integrated an actual person answers your call (24/7 for existing clients) and can get you talking to an experienced tech quickly.

Financial Benefits of a Strata Security System 

  • Reduced cost of repairs due to vandalism of building and personal property
  • Increased property value due to lower crime activity in the building
  • If a resident loses a transmitter, only that transmitter needs to be replaced instead of re-keying the entire building
  • Less likely to incur the expense of fraud due to lost mail
  • Alpha Integrated offers financing for Security packages at competitive rates.  Some systems can come with a pretty hefty price tag that may seem overwhelming to some residents.  When the system price is broken down into payments and then further divided between the number of suites in the building it can end up being less than $10 per month for an extensive system.

Safety Benefits of a Security System for Your Strata 

  • Less likely to have a stranger lurking in the building.
  • Harder for strangers to get into building. If they do, there is a video record of it
  • Less likely to have undesirables move into the building and cause problems
  • Easier to identify problem residents
  • Alpha offers FOBS and Transmitters that cannot be copied
  • Combination FOB/Transmitters are required to enter the building after a resident’s car is parked in the parkade. Because the two are integrated into one device, they cannot be left in the car resulting in a potential security risk for the building

Need help with a security system for your strata? Contact Alpha Integrated today.