Outdoor Site / Yard Active Security Monitoring

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Protect Your Business Assets

One of the most challenging areas for clients to secure is outdoor sites.  These sites can range from car dealerships, commercial businesses with outdoor work yards, construction project sites or wholesale suppliers with products stored outside.  All these situations are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and arson.  A loss can be not only stolen items, but also lost productivity.  Imagine the work time lost if the batteries or catalytic converters are stolen out of a company’s service vehicles.

Security Systems for Outdoor Yards and Sites

No two sites are the same and the security needs are different.  Alpha offers a custom solution based on consultation with the client as to what their needs and concerns are. Our goal is to provide effective security while at the same time interfering with the business day to day operation as little as possible. 

Alpha is flexible in how the system is acquired.  It can be rented, leased or an outright purchase for those clients that would like to move it from site to site. Insurance companies will often accept our system in place of an onsite guard which can cost as much as ten times the cost of our system.

Alpha offers three different options for monitoring outdoor yards / sites:

Full-Site Video Security Coverage with Monitoring Operators

This option includes near complete video coverage of the site with fixed cameras. Video streams from the cameras are processed by an analytics program that can determine whether there is an intruder present.

If an intruder is detected, our monitoring station is alerted and an operator accesses the pan, tilt, zoom camera(s) on site and looks for the intruder(s). Once located, the operator can verbally challenge them via the onsite loudspeaker.  If they do not leave the site, authorities, a guard or property references can be alerted/dispatched.  Because the operator is actively viewing the site they give authorities real time information to help them.

 This system can be aided by other devices such as infra-red motion sensors, door/gate position sensors, fire detection devices including Heat and Smoke detectors as well as thermal cameras.

 This system is designed to meet insurance requirements that allows the client to avoid hiring a significantly more expensive guard service.

Key Area Video Surveillance with Automated Monitoring

This option is based on Video Surveillance of key areas that may be targeted by criminals. Cameras are focused on specific areas of the site and the video is constantly monitored for movement. When movement is detected, the video stream is run through analytics software that can identify humans.  Once identified, the video clip is forwarded to our monitoring station for review by an operator. Upon confirmation of an intruder, a guard or property references can be alerted / dispatched.

This system can be integrated with an onsite intrusion alarm or other security devices to increase detection and accuracy.

Intrusion Alarms with Video Verification

This system is based on an advanced wireless intrusion alarm system that has all of the usual devices that a security system offers (Door sensors, Shock Sensors, Glass break sensors, Infra-red motion sensors, fire detection devices) with the addition of video verification.

One of the sensors offered with this system is a “MotionCam” which, when it detects movement, sends up to 5 still photographs of what triggered it.  These photographs are sent to the monitoring station so the operator knows why the infra-red motion detector triggered and can take appropriate action.

This system comes with an app for the client’s smart phone so the system can be remotely controlled (requires Wifi or Cell service).  The client can even force the MotionCams to take pictures that will be sent to their smart phone so they can check the site.

Need an need for outdoor security / yard security  system? Contact Alpha Integrated today.