Residential Security Systems

Using a residential security system

Easy to Use Home Security Systems

Did you purchase a Home Alarm from a large company and are now finding “The Future isn’t as Friendly” as you were told it was going to be when you made your purchase?

Alpha Integrated offers a wide range of home security system services for Home Owners and Home Builders.

Protect Your Home With Alpha Integrated

Alpha can take care of virtually every low voltage service that you require whether it is a security system, structured wiring, video surveillance, intercom/phone entry. One reason home builders love working with Alpha (besides the quality installations) is because they only have to make one call and if something goes wrong with the installation there is no finger pointing between various trades. At Alpha, we take responsibility for everything we do.

What is Your Time Worth?

Are you tired of calling your security company only to have a machine answer and ask you endless questions resulting in being put on hold for sometimes up to an hour, only to find that service will not be provided for your alarm system in a timely fashion?

At Alpha Integrated, your call is answered 95% of the time by an actual human who will address your needs quickly.  For existing clients, phone service is available 24/7.

Need help with your residential security system? Contact Alpha Integrated today.