On this page, you will find testimonials, reviews, and feedback from our past and present clients.


Excellent service, Very knowledgeable staff. Would recommend to anyone looking for protection of there home and peace of mind.

- Philip Batson

My company has been working with Alpha Security for more than six years now and I have always been impressed by their team's level of professionalism and desire to help when we have questions.

- Dwayne Yaretz

Great customer service. When I contact Alpha Integrated I was greeted with fast service and got a very competitive quote. Kevin is easy to deal with. Thanks again for all your help.

- Blair

We needed a new business alarm system after our business was robbed in the Spring. We were looking for a security alarm company that was trustworthy. A friend of mine recommended Alpha Security. They were attentive and sincere. Never had this level of customer service before. Feeling much safer now.

- Natalie Rivers

This security alarm company provided spot on solutions to secure our disposal business in Vancouver. Kevin and his team are professionals and their customer security service was attentive. Worked with other alarm companies in Vancouver before and they just seem not to care once they sign you up. Alpha Security makes regular stops to our facility to make sure everything is ok. That alone gives me peace of mind. Thanks fellas!

- Johnson Phan

Was looking for a security alarm company for our family business in Vancouver. We needed to find a trusted security provider for video monitoring, access control, and alarm system. Kevin and his team were a breeze to deal with. The best part was they provided the perfect customized solution -- never felt like I was being over sold. Great work guys! The store feels secure and am thankful you guys are monitoring it.

- Roy Chong

We have dealt with Alpha for the past 6 years for our medium size heavy equipment manufacturing facility. I feel confident that we are getting experience rated quality service that keeps us secure but the customer service is very personalized. I especially enjoy dealing with Kelly as he knows our facility very well and is prompt on service calls for maintenance and upgrades.

- Jill Douglas

Our company is dealing with Alpha integrated Security over 3 years. Receptionist Jackie provided next level service when we needed help. Super friendly, knowledgeable, she knows what she is doing. Because of service the high quality service level, our company will stick with Alpha integrated Security.

- Danny Lee, Hermont Tire

We switched all security over to Alpha Integrated two years ago for all of our business needs. The staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful when needed. Any questions we have had, we have always had fast, efficient and excellent service. We have grown our business with Alpha from 1 to 5 of our company branches located from Victoria to Kelowna. Recently, my family has also made the switch to Alpha for our home security needs. Highly recommended!!

- Tracy Johnson, Operations Manager

We have been clients of Alpha Integrated Security for a number of years now and have received top notch service from them time after time. From their professional and courteous staff at the monitoring station to their knowledgeable and extremely helpful technicians, every experience has been a positive one. We have every confidence in Alpha's ability to 'watch over' our home and would (and have!) highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home monitoring service. Well done Alpha!!

- Lee-Anne Veinot

Amazing service, very friendly and helpful staff. Been dealing with Jackie Burns and Kevin for over 10 years. I trust them. Highly recommend anyone looking for home security to call them.

- V Lee