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Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring Services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

At Alpha Integrated we’re big on using the latest technology to help you secure your assets or property. That’s why we use VIDEOFIED®  as our vendor of choice when it comes to VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEMS.

How Does It Work?

Motion activates the integrated night vision MotionViewer™ and sends a 10 second video of what tripped the sensor to the 24/7 monitoring station and on to the site manager or property owner. Based on this instant eyewitness, operators dispatch police to a verified “crime in progress” instead of a standard alarm.

Instant notification and priority response means apprehensions and greater security. Because the criminal activity has been verified by an operator the police response is likely to be faster than other systems. In contrast, property owners use traditional CCTV systems and DVRs to review what happened after an incident occurs and identify the intruder. More often than not, identification is impossible because of poor lighting and intruders wearing masks or hoods.

Portable Video Monitoring System

The portable battery powered MotionViewer (PIR motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators) can be installed anywhere; often mounted on portable stands that can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands-no trenching, no wires. The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring the rain or snow.

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Video Monitoring

We’re happy to offer a new video monitoring service at Alpha Integrated. CHECKVIDEO produces one of the most cutting edge technologies for cloud-based video monitoring systems. In contrast to other video monitoring systems, CheckVideo doesn’t require additional servers since your central control is accessed via the internet.

How Does It Work?

CheckVideo products allow for cloud-based intelligent video surveillance and alarm verification in virtually any indoor, outdoor or remote location. They enhance security and improve business operations with real-time event detection, sending alerts to emails, smartphones, or a monitoring service for immediate response.

All CheckVideo devices and solutions incorporate CheckVideo auto-adapting video analytics and DVR capability. CheckVideo products are compatible with new IP as well as existing analog CCTV systems. With CheckVideo Gateways, it is easy to add intelligence to standard analog cameras and DVRs, converting passive forensic systems into proactive tools for prevention of incidents.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Help prevent crimes in progress with real-time alerts sent to you or the authorities in the event of suspicious activity
  • “Watch” every surveillance camera, 24/7, for a fraction of the personnel or guard cost
  • Reduce false alarms, saving money and improving response times
  • Get instant alerts sent to smartphones, emails or a central monitoring station when something of interest happens
  • Enhance current security systems by adding CheckVideo to existing cameras and DVRs, or by using CheckVideo cameras and solutions
  • Keep system costs low with an affordable, cloud-based solution – no installation of servers or software required

What Are The Applications For Video Monitoring?

Video monitoring technology can be used on a myriad of commercial or residential sites. Alpha Integrated ensures your installation and set-up are optimized to ensure the highest level of security for your business or facility.


Common applications for video monitoring include:

  • Cell Towers
  • Transmission Lines
  • Vacant Buildings
  • Pipelines/Irrigation
  • Power Plants
  • Substations
  • Water Treatment
  • Rooftop Cooling Units
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Emergency Generators
  • Storage Trailers

Video Monitoring Brands We Trust

CheckVideo and Videofied

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