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Phone Entry Systems

Phone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

At Alpha Integrated, we specialize in phone entry systems for multi-residential and strata owned complexes. We can install basic entry phone systems or fully integrated systems for large multi-level buildings. We use state-of-the-art hardware (from Doorguard, Inaxsys, Linear, Mircom systems, etc.) that include button or touch screen access control. We can also train building managers on how to add or delete tenants and how to integrate the entry phone system with internal phone systems.

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Phone Entry Systems

Entry phone systems are extremely important for any multi-residential or strata operated complexes security system as it keeps the residents safe from unwanted visitors or any criminal element. It gives people inside the building full control over whom they let into the building.

As a building manager for a multi-residential or strata owned complex, you might want to consider integrating the Entryphone with the Access Control system, as it would allow events (access granted) to be stored on the Access Control Event Buffer for easier forensic review in the event of an incident.  Integrating these two systems can also save you money since the Access Control system can now take care of floor restrictions as well.

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